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We've introduced Wheycrate Rewards® as a way of rewarding loyal subscribers by giving them free protein snacks for the money the spend in our store (and who doesn't love free protein bars?!).

With all first orders on any subscription box, we include an extra protein bar, flapjack or cookie, as a welcome gift for joining us in our passion for great-tasting, healthy protein snacks.

Additionally, for every £50 spent on our store, through either one-off purchases or subscriptions, we automatically add 2 more protein snacks to your next box (no need to redeem anything).

If your next subscription box crosses the £50 threshold, your snacks will be included in that box, so you can start earning rewards from your second box in.

We also like to run other promotional offers to both new and existing customers, that we display on our homepage, emails and Instagram. You can follow us @wheycrate or subscribe to our email listing.

In the meantime, get those rewards!


Do I need to sign up for Wheycrate Rewards®?
No, all you need is to have a customer account with us.

Where can I see if my next purchase will be eligible for rewards?
We are working on implementing a system, but for the time being, rewards will be added automatically. You can always see your account details for spending

Can I choose my rewards?
No, but we pick our rewards from a selection of our most popular, great-tasting snacks and supplements, so you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our choices.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us at: hello@wheycrate.co.uk